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Version: 1.5.0
› Windows 7 or newer (32-bit/64-bit)
Microsoft .NET Framwork 4.6.1
svtplay-dl version 2.4 or newer

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SVT Ripper is a software that communicate with another software called “svtplay-dl” through the command prompt (cmd) in Windows. The interface of SVT Ripper makes it more user friendly to use svtplay-dl, instead of only using the command prompt with commands and arguments. With SVT Ripper it’s just to copy and paste the URL and hit “Start Download” to get your video files.

If you want to record live TV it’s also avaiable now, just select the channel you want to record from and hit “Start Record”. Stop recording by closing the black pop-up window.
The file will ba saved as a Transport Stream (.ts) file, you can convert it to MPEG-4 (.mp4) or other file formats with our Video Converter.

Notice! In some countries this may be illegal. To be safe, use a VPN and use the files for private use only, a media server with restricted access should be fine (e.g. Plex, Kodi and Emby). Pette Production takes no responsibility for any legal actions against you.


Version 1.5.0

Version 1.4.1


Version 1.5.0
- Quality selection (poor, low, medium and high).
- Forces overwrite if file already exists.
- Minimize SVT Ripper and only shows progressions window.
- Progressions window shows selected options in title incl video title.
- Report bug button (top right).

- Minor bug fixes
- File name structure has been changed.
- SVT Ripper now only allows one download stream at the time so it can track its progress.
- Live TV quality is always high (can not be changed yet).
- Changed button text from "Start Download" to "Start Ripping".

Version 1.4.1
- Bug fixes

Version 1.4

- Automatic paste from clipboard to URL input (on as default).
- Paste button (handy if auto is off).
- Pette Production clickable logo linked to the website of Pette Production.
- Checking for updates on startup.
- Checking internet connection on startup.
- Enter key now works for start downloading or recording.
- Auto-removes "?start=auto" from URL endings.
- When downloading "all episodes" they now will land in a folder named after the show
(some files may land in a folder named "movies").
- You can now minimize SVT Ripper.
- Version number can now be found at the bottom left.

- Renamed drop-down list items.
- Removed unnecessary code.
- Removed version number in window title.
- Updated layout.
- Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3
- Dropdown menu for channel selection to record live stream which saves as a transport stream (.ts) file.
- Download button changes text when live channel is selected to "Start Recording".

- Bug fixes.