Videos, Music & Softwares

Welcome to Pette Production!
This is a personal website with free content created as a hobby.
It will be everything from videos and music to own programmed software and other stuff.

About Us
Pette Production was founded back in 2014 in Sweden by Peter Ljungberg.
The idea of the website was that it would be a terminal, or a hub for all content that was created by Peter for making it easy to share the content.

Pette Production are not registered as a business, but we can still create content for you.
With tools we have access to we can offer you:
– Website (HTML/CSS, WordPress or other CMS).
– Simple video editing.
– Windows application (WPF, C#).
– Video intro/outro for your YouTube channel or promotion video with your logo.

Contact Us
Write to and we will answer you asap.
Don’t forget to add your contact information.